We have put together some answers to commonly asked questions in a hope to speed up your search enquiry. Please read below to see if your query is here – If not, let a member of the team know and we will be sure to answer as soon as we can. 

Canoe Types

We use a mixture of open-top Canadian canoes, closed cockpit kayak (without spraydecks) and sit on top kayaks. We would generally advise beginners to start off in an open canoe however please ask on booking if you would like to know more about kayaks.

Size Limits

The maximum capacity for one of our kayaks is 102kgs / 16 stone. If you are very large or very tall please contact us to ensure we have a buoyancy aid available. The maximum capacity of an open-top canoe is 400kgs.


Most definitely …Under 12’s must be accompanied 1 adult to 1 child and the youngest age we are able to cater for is 6 years old. This is generally because of the size of the equipment we carry.

The Weather

The outdoor activity motto is “there’s no such thing as bad weather just the wrong kind of clothing”


You must obtain the correct permits in order to fish on the river Wye. For more information, click here.


There are a number of beaches suitable banks along the river that make an idyllic place to stop for a picnic. Please remember that you are nearly always on private land and should therefore treat areas with respect. Stay as close to the riverside as possible and do not disturb crops or cattle. Take all litter home.


A mobile phone is always useful in case of emergency, especially on a full-day journey. We advise that you bring a waterproof pouch to keep it safe. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings.


You can canoe in almost anything however always come prepared for the weather conditions. Having waterproofs and warm clothes on hand are essential for any outdoor activity.


Any body of water presents various hazards, however providing our advice is adhered to, you are sensible and understand the dangers associated with the water, your day out will be safe and enjoyable.

Getting Wet

If you hire a kayak you will get a wet bum and legs as the paddle will drip on you. You are more lightly to remain dry in an open canoe however this very much depends upon you. Always come prepared with a towel and spare clothes.


Alcohol and water activities are not a god mix. There are several public houses on various stretches that accommodate canoeist however a soft drink is always the safest option. Anyone that appears to be intoxicated will not be allowed on the river.


In a couple of words “not really”. It goes without saying that with any activity the fitter you are the more you’re likely to enjoy it. However with canoeing as long as you’re healthy you’ll be fine. All of our river journeys are downstream so with minimum paddling you’ll make it to your destination, it may just take some people a little longer than others!!

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Based in the beautiful Wye Valley, Hereford Kayak Canoes loves every about paddling. We specialise in canoe and kayak hire on the amazing river Wye offering guided and unguided trips, taster sessions and group bookings. 

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